An Evening to Remember: Eric Maddox [Live Event]

On April 22nd at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial in Oakland, Eric Maddox, the former 82nd Airborne Paratrooper and recipient of the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director’s Award, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star transported us back in time to 2003 and the town of Ad-Dawr, Iraq near Tikrit, where the story begins.


The former Army Ranger turned Interrogator extraordinaire had over 220 guests riveted to their seats for more than an hour in the 3rd floor ballroom at one of Pittsburgh’s treasures - the beautiful Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall.

Maddox’s highly anticipated visit lived up to its billing as guests raved about the presentation and greatly enjoyed the one-on-one time they were able to spend with Eric up close and personal with his book signing and photo session.

While all the intelligence specialists said there was no way Saddam was in his hometown of Tikrit, Eric’s own personal information gathering system and analysis directed him to focus on the region.

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 “I’m here,” Maddox stated, “because I know… this is the most efficient productive military support group in the world and I will put my name on it!"

“Tracking down Saddam was a five-month hunt. We went from person to person to person. There were multiple steps. I started gathering intelligence which made me believe Saddam might be in Tikrit,” said Maddox.

Over that period of time Maddox personally conducted over 300 interrogations developing an approach that netted him more valuable intel and an accelerated opportunity to catch the Ace of Spades.

“The events’ lead sponsors were Modern Transportation and #1 Cochran who both loaded tables for the event and who’s support we deeply value,” stated event chair Dana Hanna. “Based on the feedback we received from our guests, to say the Eric Maddox event was fabulous would be an understatement,” she added.

“The press coverage generated was also incredible,” Operation StrongVet Executive Director, Roy Cheran proclaimed. “Our organizational goal goes hand in hand with Eric’s own perseverance and heroism,” he stated. “And that’s really what our charge is,” said Cheran. “How can we help our vets reintegrate back into civilian population and give back like they did to our nation on the military front to us socially and economically in our region. They’re an asset, not a liability.”

The captivating speaker is very busy and closed the evening saying he gets numerous requests to collaborate with charities and veterans organizations. He says the support and pride Western Pennsylvania has for its veterans and active military is inspiring.

Thanks for the support, Eric.  Your story is inspiring! We are very proud to have hosted your visit to Pittsburgh and wish you well in your travels as we wait with great anticipation for the release of the feature film version of your incredible story.